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Parle Kaccha Mango Bite - 277 Grams

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Craving for real raw mango, Just pop in Parle Kaccha Mango bite anytime, anywhere to satisfy your cravings for tangy sweetness of a real raw mango. The tantalizing Khatta-Meetha taste of raw mango is a favorite amongst children as well as adults. The only candy that has a taste of real kacche aam (raw mangos). Each candy is individually wrapped, making it easy on the go.

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  • Package Content: 1 Parle Kaccha Mango Bite pack – 277 Grams
  • Weight: 277 Grams
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months / 365 Days from the date of Manufacturing
  • Flavor: Raw Mango
  • Manufacturer: Parle
  • Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature, away from the sun at a hygienic dry place.

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