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Candyman Fruitee Fun Jar - 750 Grams

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Grab your friends, towels, and plenty of sunscreens — your flight to a sunny tropical isle departs as soon as your tear open a bag of these Candyman Fruitee Fun hard candies. It is summer every day when you bite into these fruity delights. Your travel companions have seen this all before, and they’re jumping to accompany you on a flavorful, fruity journey. Lounge in leisure under the shade of a palm with Pineapple Punch and Orange Josh, or beat the sweltering heat with the refreshing tang of Mango Delite and Wild Banana. Even if you can’t get to the beach, Candyman Fruitee Fun Hard Candies will transport you. Just close your eyes and take a bite!

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  • Package Content: Candyman Fruitee Fun - 750 Grams Jar
  • Weight: 800 Grams
  • Shelf Life: 9 Months / 270 Days from the date of Manufacturing
  • Flavor: Fruit flavor
  • Manufacturer: Candyman
  • Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature, away from sun at a hygienic dry place

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